OpenFabric is a multi-tenanted platform that enables quick distribution and adoption of closed-loop consumer facing financial services (Wallets, BNPLs, Loyalty Platforms, etc.) with merchants by simplifying integration and operational needs for adoption for merchants.

This integration is ideal for merchants who accept card as a payment method.

Getting Started


We use API keys to authenticate your requests. They consist of ClientId and ClientSecret. These keys will be provided to you as part of your merchant on-boarding.


We provide 2 environments for you to integrate into.

  1. Production
  2. Sandbox

Sandbox is a Production-like environment which you can use to test your integration before you go live. We recommend you do this. Any transaction that you perform against the sandbox environment will not affect your live data.


Request auth token

Exchange ClientId and ClientSecret for access_token by using client credentials flow. Basic token is a base64-encoded string from the format <ClientID>:<ClientSecret>

Sample request:

http POST \
    "Authorization: Basic MnFxbzd0ajA1MWF0Y2Y4ZDFnZGpnOHUyamE6Y2dlbWNqc3FkZmFlaDBzb3AzOGxqdGhnbmRwbmpxM3MxNG41MzhhZ3Nua2xtajNsMGl2" \
    grant_type=client_credentials \
    scope="resources/ resources/transactions.create"

Sample response:

    "access_token": "string",
    "expires_in": 0,
    "token_type": "string"

Note: URL would be for production.

Flow types

To better help you in integration, refer to the sample project on Github.