We will be sending you two things:

  • our custom app installation link
    • will be used as a proxy between your store and our API
  • our custom script for checkout
    • will be used to trigger BillEase Checkout

Upon visiting the app installation link, you will be redirected back to your store with this confirmation screen:

Click Install app.

Once the app is installed successfully, you need to create a new payment method. Go to your store’s Settings. Click Payments.

On Manual payment methods section, select Create custom payment method.

Set Custom payment method name to BillEase - Buy Now, Pay Later.

Set Additional details to Split your payments in 3 equal installments or configure terms up to 12 months using this payment method. You can instantly sign up or login at checkout to complete your purchase.

Click Activate.

Now, you need to add our custom script to trigger BillEase Checkout. Go to your store’s Settings. Click Checkout.

On Order processing section, paste the script to the Additional scripts field and click Save.

To update order status on your store on every status changes from our API, you need to create a private app to let us update your order payment status.

Go to Apps. Click Manage private apps link at the bottom of the page.

Click Create new private app. Set Private app name to BillEase and Emergency developer email to [email protected].

On the Admin API section, enable Read and write access on Orders.

Click Save.

For our API to use this app, you need to save the credentials in our system through the Merchants Portal.

Log in to the portal.

If the shop is part of a merchant with multiple shops, go to Profile => Shops tab and select your shop from the list of shops.

Else, go to Profile => Integration tab.

On the BillEase Token section, click Edit Token and select Basic.

Enter BillEase app’s credentials (API key and Password) to Username and Password fields respectively.

Click Save. On the confirmation dialog, click Confirm.

You should now be able to see BillEase on available payment methods upon order checkout.